About Stacy

Stacy likes to read. A lot. So much so, her husband and children must constantly remind her of their names and position in the family (she has a habit of confusing them with literary characters). Anne of Green Gables sparked a love of reading that hasn’t let up since third grade. You see, she saw pieces of herself reflected in Anne’s often-misunderstood character—not to mention her stubborn, passionate, and loyal-to-a-fault nature.

In her day job she is a youth librarian and gets to buy books that spark the imagination. At night she dreams up stories. As a member of the Choctaw Nation her books center on her heritage so Native kids can see themselves authentically as the hero, the villain, and those in between.

Stacy is represented by Savannah Brooks at KT Literary.


“… our stories are unending connections to past, present, and future. And, even if worse comes to worst and our people forget where we left our stories, the birds will remember and bring them back to us.” — LeAnne Howe (Choctaw Nation)

About Stacy Wells

Fun Facts About Stacy

Home: Texas
Siblings: One brother
Cousins: Way too many to count!
Nickname as a Child: Fire engine
First Job: Snow cone stand
Sport: Soccer, I love to play and watch
Pets: One dog, two ferrets
Favorite Things: Tacos and chocolate
Yuck: Raisins and cold weather


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