Halito (that's hello in Choctaw)!

My name is Stacy Wells, and I write books for kids and teens.

Stories are woven throughout our life; they become the texture of who we are. I find myself drawn to stories within the fabric of childhood—the simple joys, the discovery of self and world, the unending curiosity.

As a writer, I marvel at the beauty in small everyday moments that bump against the struggles of growing up. I desire to share stories full of wonder, humor, and joy with the hope that each reader can find themselves in the narrative and then knit the path to their own story.

We Choctaws have an unofficial saying, “They will know we are Choctaws by our heart.”

My writing honors myself, my ancestors, and those I love. May you know my heart through the stories I share.


Chi pisa la chike (I (hope) to see you later)!


Books - Coming Soon

Stronger Than

This book follows a Black Choctaw boy who struggles with nightmares, but finds strength in his ancestors. Publication is set for summer 2025.

Books - Coming Soon

A Journey of Pokni’s Gifts

When Issi, a Choctaw girl, and her mother take a train to visit her grandmother, Issi asks questions about land ownership as her gift for Pokni embodies playful mischief in the train car. Publication is set for summer 2026. 

Books - Coming Soon

Stories by Choctaw Women

Stories by Choctaw Women contains a range of genres, including fiction, both historical and contemporary; nonfiction essays; family letters, and poetry. 

Hoop Dancer Determination

Find out the secret of Tobias Wilson and whether he’s ready to share his Native dance with others or stop dancing altogether.


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